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Named “Golden” rules for the anti-cellulite diet

Названы «золотые» правила антицеллюлитной диетыThe actual problem for many girls.

These simple steps will significantly improve your figure.

1. Enter in your diet are green vegetables and fruits: apples, celery, cucumbers.

2. Drink about 2 liters of fluid a day. Drink water 30 minutes before meals and one hour after.

3. Excluded from the diet of fats. Vegetable oil support skin elasticity, and amino acids of fish oil to destroy bad fats. Three times a week eat fish: 150g trout, Steelhead or salmon.

4. Nutritionists insist that dinner should be before 18:00. Just abstain from eating for 3 hours before bedtime.

5. Eliminate from the diet of pickled, salty, sweet and spicy foods.

6. Don’t drink carbonated water. Because of the nutrients in the body are improperly absorbed and go into the fatty tissue.

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