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Named for the habit causing the weight gain

Названа привычка, провоцирующая набор лишнего весаDangerous than the bad habit to chew the food.

You do not like to chew food thoroughly enough? Then you will be faced with these health problems.

Statistics show that the majority of the population of our planet not chewing the food sufficiently. Usually we are too in a hurry to eat and sometimes just don’t think about it, as distracted by books, phones, televisions or chat with friends. Meanwhile, the not fully chewed food is more work for our stomach and intestines. But it’s not limited to just this, although digestive problems threaten heartburn, constipation and acid reflux. Don’t forget that chewing is a process which precedes the digestion.

The fact that poorly chewed food reduces the amount of nutrients that is absorbed by our body. As a result, the digestion becomes less effective in providing our body with vitamins and minerals, even if we eat very healthy food. In addition, due to poor chewing of food increases the risk of food poisoning. But the danger you might be surprised. Studies show that people who do not chew their food carefully, there are more mood swings. They are related to the fact that when incomplete digestion in the stomach accumulates a lot of gas, from-for what the person feels uncomfortable. Well, in this state, the mood, of course, falls.

The most common and unpleasant consequences of neperedavaemye food is to gain excess weight. If we eat too fast, you do not have time to feel the feeling of fullness and absorb excess calories. If we carefully perezhivyom each piece, the body informs us that it need nothing more. As a result, we relieve ourselves from the dangers of overeating.

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