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Named fish that absolutely can not eat

Названа рыба, которую категорически нельзя естьPangasius – a common freshwater fish, which in appearance is no different from other types of freshwater fish.

The stores often can be found pangasius fillets. But in recent years, a large number of facts of how bad this fish is.

Pangasius in our country are imported from Vietnam, where it is grown in the waters of the Mekong river, one of the most polluted rivers on the planet. The surroundings of the river during the war in Vietnam was thoroughly poisoned with chemicals. Also in the river discharging untreated sewage and dump all kinds of waste. Even when freezing fish use the same water.

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It was found that pangasius is harmful to health and causes diseases of internal organs, often the liver. So the sale of this fish is banned in many countries of Europe, America and Canada. So why are imported into our country and poison people? The answer is very simple: this is one of the cheapest types of fish.

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