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Named exercise, better protect the human from cancer

Названо занятие, лучше всего оберегающее человека от онкологииScientists have determined which class can bring people at risk of cancer.

Researchers at the University of Colorado in boulder (Colorado, USA) tried to understand tumorigenesis and to identify the causes of its development. Oncogenesis is an irreversible process, in which human cells develop into cancer. As a result of multiple studies, scientists were able to determine that the cause of carcinogenesis, in all probability, is lactic acid, which accumulates in the human body, leading a sedentary lifestyle and consuming mostly candy.

What is lactic acid and where does it come from?

According to research lactic acid called lactate and is the molecule the product of processing that accumulates in the human body after a chemical process during which glucose is broken down into tiny molecules accumulating into energy.

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Lactate only accumulates in the body, which “forgot” how to sweet food energy. It turns out that sedentary people are more prone to accumulation of lactic acid, contributing to the degeneration of healthy cells into cancer cells.

Moreover, due to excessive amount of lactate creates a favorable acidic environment within the body where cancer cells multiply very quickly. To stop the growth of tumor, and to prevent this phenomenon, it will be possible only by reducing the level of lactic acid in the body.

Why are athletes less likely to collide with the diagnosis “Oncology”?

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After scientists found a correlation between the accumulation of lactate and the appearance of cancer cells, they concluded that only athletes who exercise regularly can resist this process.

During exercise the human body itself breaks down glucose molecules to produce energy and effort, so lactic acid does not accumulate in it. We conclude that any physical activity will help with proper glycolysis and the lactic acid will not abuse the body by subjecting it to cancer.

Engage in any sport or just train your body from day to day, so you will save yourself from cancer.

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