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Named effective ways to reduce cholesterol in the blood

Названы эффективные способы снижения холестерина в кровиCardiovascular disease today are the mass murderers in the world.

Their causes may be different, but very often to blame high cholesterol levels in the blood, which are formed by cholesterol Blaski, which subsequently lead to blockage of the blood vessels and the blood clots.

What it can be no secret, but this with proper desire can be avoided. Here are some simple ways to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood:

1. Exercise – in one study, people almost on the verge of a heart attack started to exercise with small loads under the supervision of doctors. As a result of such therapy, the risk of heart attack they decreased on average by 25% in just a couple of months.

2. Statins are compounds that are contained in a number of specialized medicines. According to available medical data, the rate of taking these drugs will help to reduce the number of so-called bad cholesterol in Your blood by an average of 50%. However, scientists suggest in most cases to make a choice in favor of more natural ways to lower cholesterol.

3. Dietary fiber is a relatively cheap, simple and affordable way. Dietary fibers contain many vegetables and fruits, and some cereals. Regular consumption will help to reduce the level of blood cholesterol by 5% – a relatively small figure, however, the benefits from the use of dietary fibers in General, for the organism is known to be quite extensive.

4. Products low in fat – but the right food helps to reduce cholesterol by 20%. Here everything is very simple – should abandon such things as red meat and French fries, and go to different types of fish and chicken.

5. Fibrates – special preparations containing the fenofibrate and gemfibrozil help reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood from 25% to 50%, which is very significant indicators. As in the case with statins to use them too often is not recommended, although the immediate health problems of their use for themselves and does not entail.

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