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Named easy way to treat acne without a visit to the doctors

Назван простой способ лечения акне без посещения врачей From skin problems can be removed at home.

Practicing dermatologist Erin Gilbert of new York called the correct way to remove acne at home.

The main danger in the removal of acne, according to the doctor is skin injury. It is, in particular, scratches and infection.

In order to reduce the risk, the dermatologist offers to cool the skin. You can use an ice cube, wrapped in paper, or cucumber slice, previously placed in the cold.

To prevent infection Gilbert advises to apply anti-bacterial cream. However, the ointment, according to the doctor, should be used only if the area of the pimple there is a significant reddening of the skin.

In General, Gilbert recommends not to remove the acne alone, and wait for their disappearance.

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