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Named drinks that hinder lose weight

Названы напитки, которые мешают похудетьA rating of drinks, which prevent to become slimmer.

In the fight against excess weight and inches around the waist we are always very closely watching what I eat, but forget about the beverages that may be less harmful.

Recently, “snidanok z 1+1” launched challenge #Ruineverything, which aims to help the Ukrainians to get in shape, to feel at ease and cheerfully. Tips for a balanced diet with the participants of the marathon to share the project’s permanent expert – dietitian, author of “eat as much as, Pius, hundis” Natalia Samoilenko, which was the rating of the drinks ruin all your attempts to lose weight.

1. Coffee with milk

The main enemy of losing weight and participants of challenge #Ruineverything latte! Coffee with milk nullifies your attempts to lose weight. On average the calorie content of cappuccino without sugar is ~ 50 calories., along with a teaspoon of sugar and 100 calories. Decorate with coffee whipped cream and get the already 200-260 calories. Black coffee contains 0 calories. Everything from what we recover is various additives such as milk, syrups, sugar, whipped cream. Incidentally, the “liquid calories” are deposited on the waist with the biggest speed. In return can add in coffee spices, e.g. cinnamon, to sweeten – stevia. Is a natural herbal sugar substitute, which not only harm you but also has many useful properties. If you are not used to drinking coffee without milk, try adding vegetable milk: almond, coconut or soy.

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2. Packaged juices

If you think the packages sell 100% natural juice, you are deeply mistaken. Usually first packaged juices contain sugar. And you already know how to act dissolved in the liquid sugar. So, when you have the desire to drink juice from the store, remember that one Cup of this orange juice contains 33 grams of sugar at a daily dose of just 25 g. suggest Instead of juice eat the whole fruit.

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3. Milk

From childhood we are told that milk is very good for health. Unfortunately, it turns out that it does not contribute to weight loss and sometimes even injurious to health. The fact that milk has a high insulin index, milk protein is one of the strongest allergens. Also in one glass of milk contains as much as 12 grams of milk sugar. In addition, the results of the study at the Harvard Institute revealed that men who are completely excluded from their diet milk, 30% less risk of getting cancer.

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