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Named drinks that Deplete memory

Названы напитки, разрушающие память Soda – not the best choice.

The abuse of sodas can cause problems with memory, and also reduce the volume of the brain.

Figured it out by scientists publishing their research in journals Stroke and Alzheimer’s & Dementiа.

People who daily consume diet soda, three times more likely to suffer from strokes and dementia than those who do not drink. The study involved about 4,300 people aged 45 years, which scientists three times in the seven years surveyed, collecting data on the amount of soda and cases of stroke and of developing dementia.

Another study by the same scientists, shows the decrease of brain volume in those who drank diet soda at least once a day. In the same study noted that consuming sweet drinks like soda water and fruit juice, also reduces the volume of the brain and impairs memory.

Here the conclusions were based on a survey of 4,000 people about the consumed drinks and scan their brain.

It is noted that the reasons that diet drinks have a negative impact on the brain, is not yet clear to the end, but the researchers attribute this to the deterioration of blood circulation. So that attempts to reduce the number of calories consumed through drinks with artificial sweeteners in the end still has a negative impact on health. Instead, the researchers recommend drinking plain water.

Add in the result of conducted research it is established that regular consumption of pomegranate juice, the body gets protection from stress and improves performance. Scientists claim that pomegranate juice may help fight cancer, prevent aging process, the juice contains many antioxidants. Pomegranate juice is beneficial for people with anemia as a decoction of the peel and membranous partitions can help with burns, stomach disorders.

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