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Named drinks healthier than water

Названы напитки, которые полезнее, чем водаDo not forget that natural drinks are always more useful purchase.

What could be healthier than water? A few drinks can boast that.

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Water is an indispensable part of the daily human diet, which maintains normal all the processes of life. However, it is sometimes useful to replace other beverages, not less healthy. And best of all, if you cook them yourself, and not buy ready-made drinks at the store.

Beet juice
It is very easy to prepare at home, using the most common juicer. By the way, despite its bright color, beets will stain plastic parts of household appliance, of course, if you just rinse it with water. This drink plenty of vitamins b, A, C, it contains potassium, magnesium, amino acids and antioxidants. And it also helps the intestines to be cleansed of toxins.

Water with aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is called plant of the 21st century. Every year scientists discover new properties of this amazing plant. Today it is known that it is heals, stops bleeding, regulates blood cholesterol, beneficial effects on the microflora. Its juice protects the body from premature aging due to the huge number of antioxidants. It is this living water that are useful every person on the planet.

Fruits and berries
It is sometimes useful to replace the glass of water with juicy fruits, vegetables and berries: watermelon, cucumber, cranberry, strawberry, peppers, grapes. Choose those that you like most and is available in a certain season. If you want to prepare from them juice, dilute fresh juice with water in the ratio 1:2. So you can protect the stomach from excessive exposure to fruit acids.

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