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Named drinks, “burning” those extra pounds

Названы напитки, "сжигающие" лишние килограммыThe five best drinks for losing weight.

In recent years, the obesity problem has become quite acute for some countries, therefore, the experts decided to rank the drinks with the best fat burning properties.

Scientists were quick to tell me what is better to use for the normalization of digestion and weight loss.

The leader of this list, which got five drinks, green tea. Due to caffeine and flavonids this kind of tea helps to speed up metabolism, which directly affects the process of burning fat. Also effective in dealing with excess weight appeared to be Apple cider vinegar. On the day you need only two or three tablespoons of vinegar in meals to speed up the metabolism.

In the list of the best proved and tomato juice, as this drink helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, reducing the fat in the waist area. For people dealing with weight loss, a great helper will be the drink of ginger that contribute to appetite suppression. Closes the rating of ordinary clean water, providing protection from dehydration and bloating.

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