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Named drink that helps to lose weight without exhausting diets

Назван напиток, помогающий похудеть без изнурительных диетGreen tea significantly promotes weight loss.

A study conducted by a group of scientists specialists from China. They tried to find out how green tea affects the human body.

In particular, scientists managed to establish that green tea is able to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. It also speeds up metabolism, which, of course, has a positive effect on a man who is trying to lose weight. For this reason, most people who drink green tea on a diet, it is possible to lose the hated kilograms.
Note that the study was conducted on three groups of subjects. The first group of volunteers had to drink one Cup of green tea daily, the second group had to drink two cups of this drink daily. But the third took a placebo. As a result, in the second group was the most noticeable result in the dumping of excess weight. They also lost inches around the waist and hips. The majority of them were not even engaged in physical activity.

In connection with the results of research scientists recommend to include green tea in the diet that helps to improve metabolism.

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