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Named drink, significantly accelerate the weight loss

Назван напиток, существенно ускоряющий похудениеConsumption of this drink will help in three times to speed up weight loss.

A scientific study reported Dailу Industy Reports, has allowed scientists to declare that use of green coffee in fact helps in the fight against excess weight.

This drink, as follows from the data of the experiment, contains components capable of breaking down body fat.

“The use of green coffee helps in three times to speed up weight loss,” stated the authors of the tests.

During the experiment, which lasted 12 weeks, the volunteers (30 people with excess weight), divided into groups drank different types of coffee. People adhered to their usual diet and regime of physical activity, but some of them on the instructions of scientists used regular black instant coffee, while the other is a drink containing extract of green coffee beans. In result of using green coffee the participants were able to lose weight on average of 5.4 kg.

Green coffee, according to the researchers, contains a large quantity of antioxidant substances and chlorogenic acids, which have a stimulating metabolic effect the body by activating the circulatory system begins to actively use fat for energy production. It was observed that the use of green coffee contributed to the decline in blood sugar.

People who drank during the experiment, have lost an average of 1.7 kilograms.

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