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Named drink, normalizing blood pressure

Назван напиток, нормализирующий артериальное давлениеIt helps to establish a normal connection between the digestive and nervous systems.

“Extremely useful” product in the diet of people suffering from hypertension, was named yogurt.

Specifically, in this convinced scientists from Auburn University in the United States, conducted the animal experiments together with colleagues from Brazil, researchers of the University of Vila Velha.

The results of their work testify that eating yogurt normalizes the production of a specific enzyme in the brain, under the influence of which is the stability of the nervous system functions. Due to the activation of this enzyme digestive and nervous systems interact more smoothly.

During the experiment rats, suffering from hypertension for nine weeks regularly gave kefir. The second group of animals – control and never got it.

The result was the following: animals who consumed yogurt, improved indicators of pressure and barrier functions of the intestine, is important to protect the body from the penetration of pathogens.

It is believed that kefir can be safely combined with products such as apples, pears, berries, almost all vegetables, but nutritionists recommend to consume yogurt as such, separately from other products because it is enough their nutrients. With a weak digestion not to mix yogurt with other products to one.

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