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Named districts with the most polluted air

Названы районы Киева с самым загрязненным воздухомExceeded the level of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and particulates.

As of 29 November in some districts of Kiev, the level of air pollution much higher than the permissible norm.

Specialists of the Central geophysical Observatory conducted an analysis of ambient air quality in the city and found that the level of pollution has reached:

suspended matter – of 1.33 MPC V. D. PL Bessarabska;

carbon monoxide – 1,16-1,33 MPC V. D. on the square Bessarabskiy square. demeevskaya, Dovzhenko str, 8;

nitrogen dioxide 2.5 to 3.75 MPC V. D. Popudrenko St., 50, PL Bessarabskaya sq. demeevskaya, Obolonsky Ave., 14, str. L. Ukrainian, 29, Dovzhenko str, 8.

It is noted that the analysis takes into account the data of monitoring of atmospheric air in the residential areas (residential buildings, public buildings, institutions of social, cultural and domestic purposes).

It is known that laboratory research of atmospheric air continues in the event of deterioration will be immediately notified of the population of the Kiev city state administration.

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