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Named diseases that cause mood swings

Названы болезни, которые вызывают перепады настроения To be offended by everything and everyone harmful.

Gloomy mood is not always a consequence of external problems. It can be internal reasons: many diseases affect the mood.

The thyroid gland

The dysfunction of this body in the direction of increase and decrease is reflected in human behavior. In the first case, one of the symptoms – irritability, nervousness, hyperactivity. The second depression, lethargy, bad mood. Think about it especially is, for example, women who have extra weight, swelling, sensation of heat or cold (or both alternately).


Irritability and moodiness common to many elderly people, not just a property of bad to the old nature. This is one of the symptoms of age-related encephalopathy – dysfunction of the brain. And such changes begin not with the arrival of retirement, and early, with 40-45 years.


The syndrome of hyperactivity with deficiency of attention – a fairly common recent problem. Children with this diagnosis are usually in elementary school, when it becomes clear that their inattention and restlessness interfere with learning. Before parents can consider them as just a feature of the character of the child.

Hearing loss

Coldness and unsociable, which are easy to attribute to the character of the child, in fact, can be related to the fact that he had hearing loss. And it may be that parents are not aware of it.

PMS and menopause

Neither PMS nor menopause are not diseases, that the natural periods in a woman’s life. But the other peculiar mood swings – from euphoria to tearfulness, changes in hormonal levels.


Periods of bad mood are diabetics, many of whom are people with high level of anxiety. Psychotherapists say that it stems from the fact that people unconsciously suffer from a life dependent on insulin injections. This makes them vulnerable, hence the anxiety, which extends to other areas of their lives.

Myths and truths

People say that offense at all bad – it gives you a stomach ulcer. In fact, the ulcer is, of course, not the attitude towards others. However, it refers to psychosomatic diseases, and in some people the risk of developing those above are really – they are characterized by heightened emotionality and overreaction to events.

This could be serious

Mood swings, drastic changes in nature, when quiet friendly person suddenly becomes sharp and aggressive, is a serious symptom that can accompany a brain tumor. In this case, it is very important to see a doctor and get tested!

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