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Named diseases that can be transmitted during the handshake

Названы болезни, которыми можно заразиться при рукопожатии British scientists in their research offer men to completely abandon handshakes

A handshake is the oldest communication way of showing friendliness.

Not only men, but women across Europe use this tradition of welcome, both in relation to friends and acquaintances, and to strangers. Meanwhile, according to the world health organization, during a handshake transferred eighty percent of all existing infectious diseases.

Intestinal infection

Almost all infections of the gastrointestinal tract of domestic doctors call “diseases of dirty hands”. Thus the patient is able to comply strictly with hygienic procedures, but also to be friendly with the individual or responsible person, constantly in contact with lots of people. In the hands of an ordinary man living mass of bacteria; they get there after driving in the underground during a trip to the store, in any public institution or just to the bathroom. But few people several times a day washes hands with soap and water.

Once at an important meeting or perhaps a corporate party, even a handshake individual gets on your hand Salmonella, E. coli, dysentery and other bacteria. But if among his entourage will be people weakened even ordinary catarrhal diseases, all these bacteria on his hands are just full. However, a healthy person for disease outbreaks is not enough to get them on your skin. To start the inflammatory process the intestinal agents should get in the mouth. And quite often, after shaking hands begin receptions, business Lunches, dinner parties, smoke a joint and just at such moments of pathogenic bacteria are in the mouth, where they begin to actively proliferate. If the immune system is weakened, the development of intestinal infections occur with high probability.


Scientists state Cardiff University conducted a survey among thousands of Britons, trying to understand their relationship to their own health. More than half of the respondents stated that when dealing with a sick man would not kiss him and even to come near him. And if it will be clear that the friend is sick with the flu or SARS, eighty percent of respondents reported that they would prefer to shake his hand. Meanwhile, the spread of acute respiratory viral infection using friendly kiss, that is a myth. Scientists from Cardiff University insist that the most effective way of infecting SARS, is – handshake.

They explain this by the fact that the transmission is not through saliva, and in mucus. A sick person with a cold touches his nose, eyes, sneezes in the palm of your hand or closes their mouth and particles of mucus remain on his hands and fingers. Therefore, when shaking hands, they easily fall into the palm of a healthy Respondent who then touch their face, eyes, lips and puts a virus on your mucous membranes.

In a similar way there is an infection papillomaviruses a person or in common – warts. They live on the fingers and palms of the patient, and as he starts to take them out, these growths on the skin invisible. When shaking hands, the virus is easily passed between healthy person and he also accidentally touching their mucous membranes, then puts it into the body. And then the warts begin to grow on the most affected areas of the skin.


Infectious dermatitis – the phenomenon is quite frequent in the modern world. According to researchers from Aberystwyth University in Wales, even in the result of a short and light handshake with a sick person, such pathogens as Streptococcus kandidomikozy and instantly appear on the skin healthy. And even if, after the handshake the palm of the person was affected by the treatment with hot water, but without soap, there is still a risk of Contracting fungal diseases, scabies and impetigo – superficial pustular pyoderma. And treatment of these three diseases is very complex and may take several months.

That is why British scientists in their research offer men absolutely refuse to shake hands, replacing them with a friendly Pat on the shoulder, and women – on imitation of a kiss. Such communication methods can greatly slow down the mass transfer of infections and to preserve the health of not yet infected person.

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