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Named diseases in which it is recommended to eat carrots

Названы заболевания, при которых рекомендуется есть морковьDoctors recommend eating carrots in the treatment of certain diseases.

Carrot has long been considered one of the most useful products, infused with healing power. What to improve the condition of the patient with different pathologies were used not only the roots, but also seeds and carrot tops.

Carrots contain these nutrients:

– vitamins A, b, D, E, and C;

– iron, potassium, manganese, cobalt, boron;

– flavonoids;

– lecithin;

– cellulose.

This is the most basic substances that make carrots really healing root.

In what diseases, doctors recommend to consume a carrot?

Eye disease and vision impairment. It contains lots of beta-carotene help maintain vision and protect the eyes from age-related changes and various diseases. It is desirable to use in this case, the carrots raw.

Heart disease and blood vessels.

Pathology of the urinary tract and kidneys. Traditional medicine offers an infusion of carrot seeds which has diuretic properties. With infusion on carrot seed to cleanse the kidneys and urinary tract.

Catarrhal or infectious diseases. Besides the fact that carrots are rich in vitamins, useful for the immune system, so it also is a natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, so that when the seasonal colds this vegetable should be present in menu each day.

Disorders of the psyche. Not everyone knows that using a conventional carrots to calm my nerves. But in fact it is and for regeneration of nerve cells and tissues the body needs the substance, which is rich in carrots.

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Carrot is enriched with substances that have a choleretic and laxative properties, thereby reducing the acidity of gastric juice, increases intestinal peristalsis and the stool is getting better, and also suppressed flatulence.

Problems with the metabolism. In this case, the failure may lead to development of serious diseases such as anemia, low back pain, arthritis, beriberi and others. Doctors advise to include in your daily diet fresh carrot juice or to consume this vegetable in a fresh video.

Remember that the carrot is not a drug to self-medicate is highly undesirable. In diseases, listed above, should be included in the diet of fresh carrots, so she helped the man to recover faster.

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