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Named diet, helping to protect against atherosclerosis

Названа диета, помогающая защититься от атеросклерозаIt is a common disease.

Diet in atherosclerosis is not a temporary measure, which can be omitted in the normalization of cholesterol levels. This change of life style, food habits in order to be around my loved ones for a longer time.

Diet in atherosclerosis – chronic disease which lies in our hands, and every patient can benefit from and live longer either..

We offer advice on nutrition in atherosclerosis, which is compiled by a team of doctors in cardiology Department of the Railway hospital G. N. Novgorod. This is the highest professionals who save the lives of patients with cardiovascular disease: medication and using complex operations in a team with surgeons.

The basis of the style of food taken sick the Mediterranean diet, i.e. based on experience of the aged regions of the Mediterranean and the results of scientific research.

A serious disease called “atherosclerosis” occurs when the disturbed metabolism in the body. This leads to the formation of atherosclerotic deposits, or as we are more used of plaques in the arterial vessels. Last block access of blood in the most important parts of the body. Doctors by all means try to improve the circulation, but the disease “freeze” can only be the patient, complying with all recommendations of the attending doctor.

To atherosclerosis has not manifested with a new strength cardiologists strongly warn about the Supreme importance of good nutrition. Recommendations on diet in atherosclerosis need to complete in full, otherwise the patient will not achieve the improvements would negate the treatment (including stenting) in a very short period of time. For example, the patient had a narrowing of several coronary vessels by 80-90%. The operation was carried out on the installation of the frames in the lumen of the artery – stenting-which removed the constriction. However, the patient continued to eat still. In a few months again needed surgery.

So, uncompromised you must perform the following recommendations on diet in atherosclerosis.

The diet for atherosclerosis

In atherosclerosis, the patient should enter into the diet of a sufficient amount of fiber.
Add a moderate amount of untreated or partially treated cereals.

In abundance on the table should be milk and vegetable proteins.

Vegetable unrefined oils must be present in the diet, but it is impossible to use a surplus (for the day oil you will have to eat more volume of 2 phalanges of your little fingers).

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The mandatory presence of fish on the table – especially oily sea.

Must be enabled in the antioxidants of natural origin (vegetables and greens!).

The diet for atherosclerosis to eliminate or minimize

Butter, sour cream, mayonnaise banned! Cheese in the diet of a patient with atherosclerosis should be a minimum content, it is better if he will brine not more than 20% fat.

This item may surprise you, however, doctors recommend to exclude completely meat of mammals and birds. Of course, bacon, sausages absolutely there. “Who said that man is a predator? It’s all in the habits, transmitted through many generations.” – categorical doctors say, citing good arguments. Meat is not able to fully digest, so its remains rotting in the colon. As a result, stand out a highly toxic substance is indole, and skatole, which are released into the bloodstream. In addition, animal meat contains a large amount of solid fats – a direct factor in the formation of plaques.

Particularly harmful animal products that should be excluded: liver, eggs, egg yolks, brains.
Products made from flour should be deleted. A common piece of bread, a bit of sugar hot meals only leads to weight gain, which ensures the worsening of atherosclerosis.

Sugar in any form, you must use the minimum. To reduce the amount of potatoes, it should not be used as a separate dish or a side dish. Only in the composition of soups, vegetable stews.

Canned foods containing harmful chemicals should be eliminated from the diet.

Products the diet for atherosclerosis

To maximize the content of vegetables protov, green. However, bananas should be limited, they contribute to the increase of adipose tissue. Particularly useful cabbage, spinach, celery, seaweed. Daily eat 1 clove of garlic, which helps to cleanse the blood vessels. Very useful tomatoes (anticancer antioxidant lycopene).
Muesli is very useful in atherosclerosis. Wholemeal bread, natural cereals should be present on the patient table with atherosclerosis, but not semolina, and rice are recommended brown.

It is very important to include dairy products with reduced fat content (not more than 1-1,5%). Low-fat yogurt and cottage cheese, natural yoghurt, tan, Ayran.

Legumes are a very important part of the diet – peas, beans, beans, etc. they contain vegetable protein, fiber.

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Vegetable oil is recommended only unrefined high quality. Do not expose them to heat treatment (fry, bake, etc.), because they turn into TRANS fats. The best oil is said to Llano and olive. Omega-acids of these oils helps to eliminate low density cholesterol from the body.
Fish protein source, and fatty sea fish gives the body all the same omega acids. Exception: sturgeon and catfish containing high-melting fats. Good fish: white sea cod, perch, sole, sea bass, etc.; red fish – salmon, salmon, trout; mackerel, herring.

Of alcohol is acceptable to drink no more than 150 ml of dry red wine for women and 200 ml for men. This recommendation applies only to the dry quality red wine, which according to some studies, can prolong life with regular moderate intake. Beer and spirits have the opposite effect.

Atherosclerosis and diabetes

Often atherosclerosis combined with diabetes. What supplements can I specify?

Sugar needs to be deleted, instead recommend natural stevia, but not artificial sweeteners.
Fruit can increase sugar every diabetic knows exactly which fruit he had forbidden.
Protein from meat is not necessary for individuals with diabetes. It is filled with fish, dairy products, legumes.

Uncontrolled diabetes – high numbers of glucose in the blood is one of the key factors in the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. It is very important to follow a diet and take hypoglycemic agents or insulin, otherwise atherosclerotic growths are formed extremely soon.

Specialists of the Department of cardiology warn their patients: “food Supplement is your enemy! You should not eat a single gram more than necessary to be fed. Everything that follows is gluttony!” Yes, that’s so emphatically taught us, the people, saving the lives of thousands of others.

Everyone makes their own choices: send away the stereotypes, change the image of the food in the name of a long and healthy life, or stay with the old preferences, gluttony, and defective products. The latter makes life short.

Personal observation of doctors, and other people showed that the family’s budget during the transition to proper nutrition is not only changing, but in the season of fresh vegetables and fruits decreases.

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