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Named cost powerful Porsche 911

Названа стоимость мощного Porsche 911Porsche 911 with a capacity of 840 HP, will cost $320000

In America it launched a promotional campaign in which anyone will be able to buy a new Porsche 911, but with a discount of 200 thousand dollars.

Automotive experts say that it is not so much as it may seem standard to the average man at first glance. This expert group conducted a comparison with what tuning you can set for the money. For example, if someone wants to increase their power of the car, for the installation of 3.9 liters and six cylinders, which will “squeeze” the capacity of 840 horsepower, then the motor will have to pay 55 thousand dollars.

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The owner of the vehicle, nicknamed Wimmer by his own efforts acquired, installed in the car two turbo compressor and the intercoolers. Among other things, for his ordering has created a high-pressure pump and a set of pipe connections.

In addition, he decided to replace the pipe and wheels. As a result, the maximum torque of the sports car is not a classic 160 nm, and an impressive 860. To pay for such a car need 320 thousand dollars.

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