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Named best places to stay in Europe in 2017

Названы лучшие места для отдыха в Европе в 2017 годуExperts have made a rating of the best tourist destinations.

In fresh rating Lonely Planet has hit the city’s interesting landscapes, cuisine and nightlife.

Tourist guide of the current year diligently bypasses the capital and, increasingly, recommends that Northern and southern Europe.

Gotland, Sweden
A city located on the whole island is a special place in Sweden. Not only is it one of the sunniest, but also one of the most valuable – it is the largest number of historical monuments, most of which are listed as world heritage by UNESCO. This holiday will suit those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, because the island is almost no transportation, and residents travel by bike. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Galicia, Spain
Every year thousands of people drive through Galicia on the way to Santiago de Compostela, but few remains to explore the region. Galicia has its own history, culture, architectural monuments and even the language. Moreover, because of the location by the sea and there is always fresh seafood that the locals are prepared according to own recipes. Served with dishes of their own wine.

Northern Montenegro

Due to the fact that tourists loved holiday on the coast of the Bay of Kotor in Western Montenegro, its Northern part remains unspoilt by travelers. The region is famous for beautiful scenery, fishing, hunting and beautiful places to hike. Traveling North, be sure to visit the Tara river Canyon, Durmitor national Park, and also to try local cheese and stew with beef.

Leeds, England

In recent years, the Victorian town was becoming more modern, due to the stylish boutiques, cafes and restaurants, and other entertainment. According to experts, Leeds – could be a good alternative to crowded London. In addition to the special atmosphere and wonderful views, tourists can enjoy the gastronomic festivals and to visit unique museums.

Alentejo, Portugal

Alentejo is one of the most interesting regions of Portugal. It is rich in historical monuments, architectural heritage and many unusual and even hidden attractions. This wealth has made the region so valuable that he was put on the world heritage List of UNESCO. Furthermore, the region has its own cuisine and cultural peculiarities which will show you Portugal from a completely new angle. Another advantage of the Alentejo – region located near Lisbon.

Northern Germany

Usually tourists go to Germany to visit Berlin or Bavaria, but few went to the Northern part of the country. Here travelers will find sandy beaches, clean water and beautiful scenery. A special charisma is the difference between Lubeck and Bremen, which have a distinctly German flavor. In turn, in Hamburg this year opened the Elbe Philharmonic hall – a work of architectural art.


A post-Soviet country is undervalued by tourists, experts believe. Moldova is beautiful, friendly , mysterious and even mystical. Apart from nature and architectural heritage, the country is known for the large rock Orthodox complex – Scaling Tipova monastery. Another asset was the wine. Moldovan wines are known far beyond the borders of the country, and the vineyards – one of the favorite places of tourists.

Paphos, Cyprus

The first capital of Cyprus during the Roman Empire represents a cultural and historical center. Literally all the monuments included in the world heritage List of UNESCO. Popular Archaeological Park, where you can see ruins of the ancient city with villas of the Roman period, the medieval castle, the Roman baths, the ancient aqueduct, the theater, and more.

Le Havre, France

Norman city of Le Havre is one of the best tourist destinations this year. Celebrating its 500th anniversary, which will last five months, citizens expect regular exhibitions, festivals and concerts. Despite the variety of historical monuments, not less attractive modern buildings designed by global architects. Moreover, the city has access to Mora, so you can spend time on the beach, basking under the sun.

Zagreb, Croatia

Many tourists go to Croatia for vacation on the Adriatic coast, but completely underestimate the capital. Experts say that the city changes and becomes more attractive for tourists. First of all it is connected with street-art artist under the pseudonym of Lonac, and, with the opening of new galleries and museums. Was recently re-opened Museum-bunker from the Second world war. In addition, the city has a well developed infrastructure, and craft beer is famous all over the country.

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