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Named best dog breeds. Photo

Названы самые добрые породы собак. ФотоThese dogs are ideal for families with children.

Can’t choose a puppy for your child? Look at the following breeds: this is the best friends of man — kind, lovely, gentle and patient.

Названы самые добрые породы собак. Фото

1. Newfoundland
Aka “the diver”. Very friendly pet that gets along well not only with children but with other Pets, including small dogs and cats.

For anyone. Newfoundland is the perfect nursemaid for the baby, endure all the abuse and not leave the baby in danger.

Features. It is a large dog that needs a lot of space for living. Also “diver” requires constant exercise — it will have a lot of walking. Easily trained, very homesick for family members sensitive and does not tolerate abuse and punishment. Loves to travel and to swim. For thick hair giant should be carefully looked after to comb out at least 4 times a week.

Названы самые добрые породы собак. Фото

2. St. Bernard
The breed known throughout the world as a rescue dog. The owner of a calm and balanced character, the St. Bernard is loyal to owners and able to protect them from any trouble.

For anyone. The slowness of this giant makes it not the most desirable friend for an active kid. But St. Bernard would be excellent for the role of a guardian tot: dogs of this breed are well oriented in space and can almost always find my way home.

Features. The Saint Bernard, like the Newfoundland, are required for the health of long walks and strenuous exercise. The coat also requires specific care. With regard to the nature, it is very vulnerable and sensitive Pets that are very attached to the man. St. Bernards are prone to fall into depression if you don’t pay enough attention to them or how long to leave home.

Названы самые добрые породы собак. Фото

3. Basset hound
The Basset justifies invariably phlegmatic expression on his muzzle: they are slow and stubborn, but extremely friendly and good-natured.

For anyone. Dogs of this breed are extremely hard to train: to teach a Basset hound to ask on the street, you need to make some effort. But they can become great companions in games on the street. Born great hounds and sniffer dogs, they love to seek out all possible traces. A good option for the student who enjoys Hiking.

Features. The coat of the Basset especially to care is not necessary, but for meals you need to follow. Representatives of this breed love to eat and are prone to obesity. It is also worth remembering that due to short legs and long spine Basset is not recommended often to overcome steps and the more jump.

Названы самые добрые породы собак. Фото

4. Beagle
Cheerful and sociable four-legged friend gets along well with people of all ages and other dogs, but on cats and other small animals to start the hunt.

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For anyone. Beagle — great for mobile and active toddler. Dogs of this breed can play and frolic from morning to night. On the street they love to dig and track, which can be useful in games. But babies prancing around with a Beagle is unlikely to be interesting.

Features. To care for a Beagle is not difficult: he has short hair that is almost no smell. The main thing that you need to think about — beagles very often and very loud barking. In a country house, this behavior is unlikely to be irritating, but in a city apartment can cause conflicts with family and neighbors. Also these Pets can not be permanently left alone, they become nervous and spend your energy on leprosy.

Названы самые добрые породы собак. Фото

5. Cocker Spaniel
Both American and English Cocker is a gentle and cheerful dogs who love kids and easily get along with other Pets.

For anyone. Cockers are easy to train and love to play on walks — it will enjoy the older preschooler or school kid. Because the Spaniel is a hunting dog, they love to sniff, trail and run fast. And thanks to low weight and long legs cockers can follow the little master anywhere: jump over the low fence, climb the hill and to run up the stairs.

Features. Spaniels are prone to diseases of the eyes and ears, so they need very careful care. They often are allergies and prone to obesity, so I have to take care about the proper diet. In addition, the long wavy coat of the dog should as often as possible to comb out and trim.

Названы самые добрые породы собак. Фото

6. Pug
These stocky little dogs are very friendly and patient, require a lot of attention and are very attached to the person.

For anyone. The pug is a good one for a toddler. He is ready to play (but not too long) and easy to train. And due to the small size dog will make a great companion in any trip (from Cycling to running).

Features. Despite short coat, pug sheds heavily, so people with allergies this breed is not suitable. The folds on the dog’s face need to constantly handle and clean that too adds to the hassle. Little they prefer to sleep in the bed with the owner and lightly snoring in her sleep.

Названы самые добрые породы собак. Фото

7. Golden Retriever
Due to its relaxed and sociable nature and high intelligence of these beautiful dogs often play the role of guide, therapists and assistants for people with disabilities in films. They love people and are willing to make friends with everyone.

For anyone. From the Golden Retriever will not be the guard dogs of this breed are friendly waving tail even strangers. But they are very nice to play, because retrievers love to catch and fetch sticks, balls, plates. They are hardy runners and swimmers, so active and athletic student going for Retriever is the perfect host.

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Features. The Golden Retriever needs regular physical and mental stress — pet of this breed should be given plenty of time.

Названы самые добрые породы собак. Фото

8. Bichon Frise
These little curly-haired doggies remind cute sheep, not only in appearance but also in character: they are gentle and moderately active, get along well with other Pets and polite with strangers.

For anyone. The Bichon does not require special exercise, so long walks are not for him. A dog of this breed will appeal to the couch potato child, especially the girl-the schoolgirl. Although, unlike other small dogs, the Bichon Frise is able to find a common language with the baby.

Features. The only downside of the breed is a constant and difficult enough to care for curly hair.

Названы самые добрые породы собак. Фото

9. Irish setter
Active and sociable dogs, in which there is not an ounce of aggression. Setter make friends not only with all members of the family, including the kids, but with Pets.

For anyone.Frankly, the Irish setter is the dog for the apartment. The limited four walls of the space makes the specimens available. It is better if the setter is the territory in which you have to run, or at least an opportunity every day to walk in the street for hours. Therefore the Irish should choose as a friend for the active preschooler or student, which is difficult to get home.

Features. To care for the setter is simple: to comb several times a week, bathe only when necessary. Dogs of this breed are prone to allergies, so watch out for their nutrition. You should not let go of the leash pet that is not yet trained to stay close to the owner: excellent sense of smell of a dog might lead her very far from home.

Названы самые добрые породы собак. Фото

10. Labrador Retriever
Perhaps one of the most attractive for children rocks. It is difficult to find a child who would not dream about Labrador puppy. And all because they are funny, smart and very sociable.

For anyone. Labradors love Hiking and active games, and the first three years of life acting like puppies, so best friend this dog will be a student who is able to teach her commands and keep her turbulent emotions. Although Labradors are quite aggressive, they can sparkle, to knock down a child, so it’s not the best option for a family with a baby.

Features. The Labrador requires moderate grooming, more exercise and constant training.

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