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Named best destinations for a day trip

Названы лучшие направления для однодневной поездкиThe cheapest options.

Experts ranked the most budget destinations where you can go on a day trip.

In compiling the list took into account the cost of accommodation, transport, food and minimal entertainment.

Leaders among these cities were Cairo, Mexico city and Antalya. In the Egyptian capital for an overnight stay, you can do it in about 48 euros (about 1500 UAH).

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In the Mexican capital – 72 euros (about 2200 UAH). In the Turkish resort town of Antalya, you can relax for 24 hours at 75 euros (about 2280 UAH). In the first five also were Buenos Aires (76 euros) and the Mumbai (78 euros).

In the twenty most budget destinations: Kuala Lumpur (83 euros), Riga (EUR 84), Nairobi (85 Euro), Attracted (88 euros), Pattaya (95 euros), Moscow (€95), Lima (97), Bali (106), Dubrovnik (109), Valencia (109), Marrakech (112) and Tallinn (113).

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