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Named berry effective for prevention of lung cancer

Названа эффективная ягода для профилактики рака легкихGrape peel protects against the most lethal cancer.

Swiss scientists were able to figure out what in the skin of grapes contains a substance which is a natural antibiotic with unique properties.

In particular, this component of the grape skin, the researchers believe, may with high efficiency to prevent the development of lung cancer, the deadliest of today, cancer.

Speaking about his find, the specialists at the University of Geneva noted that usually to be the most effective means of prevention of lung cancer is called quitting.

“Besides reducing the consumption of tobacco and other products that are contained in regular cigarette, can be an effective resveratrol is a natural antibiotic extracted from the rind of grapes” – said the authors of the study.

Scientists have established that if you enter a nasal resveratrol, it can help in the treatment of lung cancer. This effect was observed during experiments on mice that were placed in the environment that triggers the development of lung cancer. In 45% of mice treated with resveratrol nasal, developed fewer tumours, and in addition they had a smaller size compared with animals not treated with resveratrol.

According to who, lung cancer is the most dangerous form of cancer, which accounts for the largest number of deaths (in second place is cancer of the liver). The researchers intend to determine the algorithm that calculates the patients for whom it would be effective prophylactic treatment with resveratrol.

Previous studies of resveratrol did not show its effectiveness in protecting from lung cancer (although podvergalis efficacy against tumors of the gastrointestinal tract). The success of this experiment with resveratrol associated with their proposed method of transporting substance in the body – an introduction through the nasal cavity has provided him access to light from directly. In earlier trials resveratrol was used orally.

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