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Named because of a natural disaster in Tibet

Названа причина природной катастрофы на ТибетеScientists blame global warming the catastrophe in Tibet.

A series of avalanches and landslides that claimed the lives of ten people of Tibet in July of this year, was generated by changes in the structure of glaciers in the region due to global warming, say scientists in an article published in the Journal of Glaciology.

“Given the speed with which went to the avalanche and what area they covered, I think it could only happen in the case if the foot of the glaciers were wetted by meltwater. Unfortunately, today we cannot predict what other glaciers are in the same condition that prevents us to make predictions for subsequent avalanches,” said Lonnie Thompson (Lonnie Thompson) from the Ohio state University (USA).

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In may and in the first months of summer, as reported by the Xinhua news Agency, Tibet has been a series of relatively weak earthquakes and multiple avalanches and landslides, which claimed the lives of ten local people, grazing livestock in the vicinity of glaciers. Despite all the efforts of the Chinese rescue, to save their lives failed.

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Thompson, the famous American paleoclimatologist and his colleagues found a possible cause of increased frequency of avalanches and landslides in Tibet and explained their unusually large scale, collecting and studying all the information about one of these avalanches that came down on July 17 of this year, near the village of Aru in the Southeast of Tibet.

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