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Named as the main causes of persistent back pain

Названы основные причины постоянной боли в спинеBack pain can be caused by a variety of reasons.

The frantic pace of modern life, as a rule, does not go unnoticed on his health. The majority of the load falls on the back.

People may not even notice the health problems that develop almost unnoticed, have a cumulative effect.

And lead to a variety of factors. Six non-obvious causes that provoke back pain, will tell you in this article.

The causes of back pain
First, pain in the back causes Smoking. As shown by one of the most recent studies, smokers are much more likely to complain of long-lasting back pain. According to scientists, this pattern may be related to the fact that nicotine promotes narrowing of the blood vessels, thus reducing the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the spinal discs. If you like to smoke will still wrong to eat, the negative effect will increase – accelerate degeneration of the vertebral discs that will cause severe pain.

Of course, no treatment (provided that you have not found a serious disease behind) in this case is not required. The only thing you can do to alleviate your condition is to quit Smoking. This might require additional tools, such as nicotine patches, gum, sprays nose pills.

Secondly, muscle weakness can cause pain. While not trained the muscles of the back and press the spine will be lack of muscle support. For this reason, he becomes more traumatized, causing pain.

To cope with this will help a competent exercise. Ideally, you need to regularly walk, ride a bike. Even the bike will be extremely effective in this case. These exercises should become a habit to soreness in the back muscles is gone.

Thirdly, your bed can be a bad mattress. On the flip side surfaces of the spine will bend to the shape of the letter C, which is absolutely not natural for this body part. The muscles of the back will curl up and properly stretch. And it happens absolutely in different positions during sleep – on your back, side or stomach.

To get rid of this kind of pain, you need to inspect your mattress. You need to treat it critically. If he rubbed corners, worn fabric, or God forbid, actually torn, in the middle you can see podavlennostew immediately get rid of the “killer” of your back. Choosing a new mattress, look dense, which will have a soft top layer that will allow him a pleasure to cover the contours of the body, supporting its natural shape. The right mattress should not be too hard, too soft.

Fourth, the back muscles are seriously strained due to excessive weight. The center of gravity is in the lower back, so when extra pounds back it will be difficult to cope with the pressure that falls on it. Thus, the deformation of the spine and discs due to excessive weight.

Therefore, people who are faced with this problem should think about losing weight. This is necessary not only for the aesthetic side of the question, as for your own health. Weight loss is difficult, but worth it, because will give you excellent health and good mood. In order to effectively lose weight, you need to follow a proper diet, cutting daily calories by about 15-20% and also exercise. Ideally you want to walk more, replacing a trip by car and public transport for the trip to the store or work. Will also help avoiding alcohol and other harmful habits.

Fifth, you, like most ignorant people lift weights incorrectly. Usually people bend down to pick up something heavy – be it a pack, dumbbells or a child. But really need to sit down to reduce stress on the back. Also mothers of young children should remember: wearing babies in carrier, which is mounted on the abdomen, also causing back pain. Indeed, in this case the spine is bent incorrectly. Therefore, you should wear baby on the back to reduce the load. But we should do that only when the baby is a little older.

Finally, women cause pain in the back may be too high heels. Particularly harmful heels whose height exceeds five inches. Studs also causes the body to go forward, the spine takes an unnatural shape, curving, which increases strain on the ligaments, lower back and spinal discs.

In this regard, the fair sex is recommended to wear shoes with a wide heel not higher than five centimeters. Heel height should be such that you do not have to go forward, unnaturally curving. Feet must not falter, rise of the foot needs to be natural, not bend. And if you will need the evening to go to a social event where you want to wear heels, you better do it immediately before the celebration, and not to walk in them all day.

How to relieve back pain
Of course, back pain can be caused by various reasons, including many diseases. So do not suffer and put off going to the doctor, who will prescribe the necessary tests and examinations, and then talk about proper treatment. But if your pain is caused by the above causes, and the diseases you have not been diagnosed, you should use methods that will help to ease the discomfort.

So, when back injuries helps with heat and cold. In the first 48 hours you should make a cold compress that will relieve spasms and reduce inflammation. Then apply warming compress for 15 minutes with a break of a few hours.

You can use massage. For this it is advisable to make an appointment with the massage therapist, who with the help of competent actions relieve pain, muscle spasms and stimulates the release of endorphins, facilitating the patient’s condition.

There are also various non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for example ibuprofen. Even many neurologists prescribe this drug for the treatment of back pain and neck. It also reduces inflammation. However, you should not self-medicate. Before taking any medication, consult a specialist who can prescribe the right pain reliever.

By the way, to postpone the visit to the doctor should not be the case if back pain is accompanied by the following symptoms:

Fever or pelvic symptoms, such as bleeding in the middle of the cycle;
Numbness, tingling or weakness in the legs;
Problems with the bowel or bladder – burning, bleeding, incontinence;
Piercing pain in the lower back extending through the buttocks area in the leg.

The pain that haunts within a few weeks, and the pain resulting from the injury must also be examined by a doctor.

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