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Named as the main causes of migraines and ways of getting rid of it

Названы основные причины мигрени и способы избавления от нееDoctors told the rest who are more susceptible to migraine attacks.

Migraine can disturb the person a few times a month, but attacks differ in such pain effect, that to endure it is unlikely someone will succeed and so the therapists recommend to contact them for help once this kind of headache “in the habit”. The fact is that not all painkillers can deal with migraine and in each case requires special treatment.

Migraine is not just headache, and nausea, vomiting, aversion to bright light and different sounds. To engage in mental and physical activities for migraine is almost impossible, because the pain may be too strong.

Causes of migraine:

– heredity, if someone from relatives suffered from the same type of headaches;

– female, aged 14 to 45 years, but in some cases, the headache develops much earlier and worried woman for much longer;

– chronic lack of sleep or excess of sleep;

– intensive physical activity;

– regular change of time zones;

– magnetic storms and just a sharp change in the weather;

– menstruation;

– hormonal imbalance or prolonged use of hormonal drugs;

– emotional stress;

– irregular meals and drinking caffeine as well as alcohol;

– oxygen starvation.

Migraine attacks cannot be ignored, because this “disease” is not cured, and the pain just stoped using medicines prescribed by the attending physician, moderate physical activity, the balanced and timely supply, proper rest and the ability to control their own emotions.

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