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Named as the main causes of bloating and ways of its elimination

Названы основные причины метеоризма и способы его устраненияPhysicians listed possible predecessors of flatulence, and also shared recommendations for eliminating this problem.

Flatulence is not a disease that should be treated, but doctors do not advise to ignore it because of constant abdominal discomfort is high discomfort.

The most common causes of increased gas and bloating:

– overabundance of carbohydrates in the diet, contributing to the fermenting bacteria and the release of gas in the intestine;

excessive or regular consumption of carbonated water;

– the talk during the meal;

meals “on the go”, not chewing food thoroughly, and even swallowed along with large chunks of air;

– food intolerance, e.g. lactose dairy;

– constipation and slow metabolism.

It turns out that most people are themselves subjected to such flatulence and its unpleasant symptoms such as bloating and flatulence, and pain in the abdomen.

These foods should be avoided, in order not to face with flatulence: beans, cabbage, pears, peaches, apples, carbonated drinks, fruit juices, whole grains and dairy products, bakery products.

What to do to prevent flatulence?

Slowly chew food with my mouth closed, that is, not to hurry and not talk. It is advisable to diversify your diet, so that he was balanced and the metabolism is accelerated, it will prevent constipation and flatulence respectively. To drink more plain water without gas.

The flatulence should not be ignored and if you are faced with this problem, but I don’t know how to solve it yourself, or you just don’t get, in this case, the right will be a visit to the therapist, who will tell you what to do or what specialist to turn to for help.

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