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Named as the main causes and the best ways to prevent prostatitis

Названы основные причины и лучшие способы профилактики простатитаAll men have a chance to protect yourself from the most common diseases of the genitourinary system – prostatitis.

Prostatitis is one of the most common inflammatory diseases in men. Thanks to this illness the patient can get the maximum number of complications affecting his personal life. When the prostate is sharply reduced reproductive function, production of testosterone and generally “masculine” strength weakens. Therefore, to treat prostatitis should not delay until later, and even better — to do whatever it takes to not get sick.

Doctors have called the most effective prevention of prostatitis that men can perform daily without thinking about the possible development of this disease:

1. Lead an active lifestyle. The more a man moves and tenses within reason, the stronger his body. Doctors say that those men who have lack of exercise, have several times more chances of prostatitis.

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2. Eat right. Modern men rarely care for their health. For them it makes wife and mom, but what about the bachelors? The right decision, regardless, have an assistant nearby or not, is to begin to prepare proper healthy meals. Diet for men should be balanced, nutritious, fortified, and high in calories.

3. To reduce the amount of alcohol consumed to a minimum, or abandon it altogether. Scientists have repeatedly stated that alcohol literally destroys the reproductive system and leads to various diseases, including infertility and prostatitis.

4. Not to SuperCool. The vast majority of men sure that they are very different from women, their children not to give birth and therefore you can monitor their health. In fact, men just as women should take care of oneself from an early age, to dress for the weather, not to sit on cold, wearing hats and so forth.

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5. Orderly sex life. Regular change of partners and unprotected sexual intercourse may not only lead to prostatitis. Doctors strongly recommend to have a relationship with one member of the opposite sex and if we change it, not as often as most men.

6. Not to refrain from sexual relations. Doctors say that long-term abstinence leads to various disorders and inflammatory processes in the urogenital system. Therefore, in this regard, it is important not to overreact.

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