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Named an unexpected way to strengthen memory

Назван неожиданный способ укрепления памятиBreathing through the nose can enhance a person’s memory.

To such a curious conclusion of American psychologists and neuroscientists.

Scientists have found that inhaling air through nose enhances memory and increases reaction to frightening stimulation as when breathing through the mouth, this effect disappears. According to researchers from Northwestern Medicine, the rhythm of breathing creates electrical activity in the human brain, which strengthens the emotional judgments and the retrieval of information from memory. They found that people were willing to remember the terrible faces more quickly when inhaled, but not exhaled.

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People are also more likely to remember the objects, if inhaled, not exhaled. This effect was not observed if the breathing was through my mouth. One of the key findings of this study is that there is a substantial difference in brain activity in areas amygdala and hippocampus during inhalation compared to exhalation.

When a person breathes in, thereby carries out the stimulation of the neurons of the olfactory cortex, and hippocampus amygdala across the surface of the limbic system. The researchers suggest that the almond-shaped mass of gray matter inside each cerebral hemisphere amygdala is strongly associated with the emotional processing of emotions, particularly frightening.

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These conclusions were based on observations of over 60 volunteers who took quick judgments and decisions based on emotional experiences in the laboratory. While scientists have carried out special control of their breathing. The volunteers were shown faces of people showing expressions of either fear or surprise.

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