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Named an unexpected cause of high blood pressure

Названа неожиданная причина высокого артериального давленияAccording to researchers, more than one billion people worldwide have high blood pressure.

Hypertension has long ceased to be something unknown. Now almost every second person in the elderly has a high pressure and constantly forced to take medication to stabilize his vitals.

Doctors have repeatedly stated that the causes of high pressure can be:

– excess weight;

– alcohol and Smoking;

– the consumption of fatty and selenaselena food;

– deficiency or excess fluid in the body;

– stress load;

an unhealthy diet, which increases cholesterol clogging the blood vessels.

In order to confidently call the instigators of high blood pressure the American and Australian scientists have joined forces and spent another global study.

The result amazed everyone. It turns out that hypertension can be inherited. The fact is that there is a gene called the “family hyperaldosteronism type 2”, which stimulates secretion of adrenal hormone aldosterone, which increases blood pressure.

It turns out that if in a family someone from seniors already diagnosed with arterial hypertension, the children will be 99% at risk to get this disease.

Hypertension cannot be called harmless ailment, as in fact it can lead to serious consequences, including stroke, heart attack or kidney failure, so this joke is not worth it.

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