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Named an unexpected cause of bad breath

Названа неожиданная причина неприятного запаха изо ртаSometimes halitosis may appear in moments of stress.

Bad breath, according to experts, at least once in their life worried about half the world’s population, but it is sometimes very difficult to find the real cause of this problem.

It is believed that the best way to avoid this is to oral hygiene, which keeps under control the bacteria.

But tooth decay and gum disease allows the bacteria colonies to multiply, they release foul-smelling gases — volatile sulfur compounds, which are perceived as unpleasant smell.

There are also certain types of bacteria found on the tongue that can also contribute to unpleasant mouth odor.

But sometimes bad breath can come in moments of stress.

When we experience stress, our sympathetic nervous system reacts — it helps the body to respond immediately in situations of “fight or flight”, and one consequence of this is a decrease in the production of saliva.

This is because the production of saliva, which is needed in order to moisturize the food we eat — is meaningless during a crisis situation. As a result, we feel a dry mouth.

“Dry mouth makes bad breath is unpleasant,” says Dr. Phil, Stimmer, the dentist from “Fresh breath” in London.

“The gases produced by the bacteria, usually washed away by saliva. But if you have a dry mouth, they accumulate. Drink water in such situations, it will not only hygiene, but also stimulating the production of saliva. You can also chew sugar-free gum”.

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