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Named Actresses of Hollywood, which most men think are ugly

Названы актрисы Голливуда, которых большинство мужчин считают некрасивымиThe appearance of these famous women are far from ideal.

The opinions of men and women about beauty are often at odds, so that some causes delight and admiration, others indifferent. The same applies to the attractiveness of some of Hollywood’s Actresses, whom we used to refer to sexual beauties. Meanwhile, men do not share such judgments, and I think the appearance of these celebrities is mediocre and far from ideal.

1. Drew Barrymore
Drew was popular in the early years, but today many men are skeptical of her appearance. They call it plain, chunk, criticized the lack of gloss, of the breed. Of course, the age didn’t the actress good, so the flaws that, in his youth, was compensated by the charisma and freshness, today, become particularly visible. If not known, the majority of the representatives of the strong half not even had looked her in the trail.

2. Gwyneth Paltrow Gwyneth is a favorite of women.
Love her numerous fans. But men find the appearance of the actress is mediocre and nothing outstanding. For the title of “beauty” Gwyneth is not enough raisins. If we ignore all of her roles and global popularity, the actress could easily get lost in the crowd of ordinary mortal women. Nothing in her figure and facial features catchy male gaze.

3. Sarah Jessica Parker
Despite the fact that in the cult series “Sex and the city” actress played almost a style icon, it does not convince men in her attractiveness. By the way, one of the men’s magazines openly called it the most non-sexual representative of the acting profession. Honestly, nature really has awarded Parker a disproportionate facial features, ugly oval and large nose. Notice this, and women, but still admire the talent of the star.

4. Kirsten Dunst
Disadvantages of the actress that men find particularly clear is a shapeless figure, loose facial skin, sparse hair and teeth. However, Kirsten has made significant progress on a creative career, had a successful career and achieved everything only through their own efforts. By the way, women like actress. Despite its flaws the looks of it, it seems sweet and beautiful.

5. Vanessa Paradis
Oddly enough, but even this mega-popular singer and actress, ex-wife of johnny Depp, in the opinion of men, are far from ideal. Its main defects they consider to be a flaw between the front teeth, excessive thinness and thin limbs. Meanwhile, the shortcomings did not affect the success of Paradis, so she periodically appears in various rankings of celebrities.

As we have seen, beauty is only a matter of taste, and it is impossible to please everyone. How many people, so many opinions, so their appearance too, don’t worry. There are certainly those who think your beautiful, and you can trust their fans because the attraction is too subjective.

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