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Named a recipe for a hearty lunch, which is not sleepy

Назван рецепт сытного обеда, от которого не клонит в сонExperts told how to dine so as not sleepy.

Perhaps everyone who works from morning till evening, is known as after a hearty meal, it’s hard to control myself not to fall asleep sitting at your Desk. The human body is so arranged that high-calorie food acts like a sleeping pill, and regardless of what time of day it was eaten. But if in the morning, after eating a substantial Breakfast, there is no exit and it is in a hurry to work, then dining meal it literally can sleep.

In some countries specially introduced for an hour when people after lunch to lie down and rest. The management of these companies believes that due to day-stay their employees will be more productive in the end of the day and sleep go they only benefit. In Ukraine, a similar phenomenon no one even considers, so people have to find their own solutions to this problem.

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Experts say that everyone has a chance to eat lunch and not feel the irresistible desire to close my eyes, take a NAP for an hour or two.

The main rule of a full lunch, 10 minutes after which you will not want to sleep is to refuse to fatty foods. Any product containing a lot of fat, and cooked with vegetable oil, and fat is taboo for lunch.

For dinner and Breakfast nutritionists also advise to eat fatty foods, as it is fraught with consequences in the form of a collection of excess body weight and development of serious diseases of the liver, heart, blood vessels and so on.

So what is for lunch, not tended then to sleep?

– boiled lean meat, liver or fish;

– vegetable or fruit salad, dressed with lemon juice, honey, soy sauce, etc.;

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– garnish of boiled vegetables;

– bread with bran;

– low-fat dairy products;

– boiled eggs or poached egg;

– light soups with vegetable broth or cream soup with mushrooms and cheese.

Preferably after dinner half an hour to drink a Cup of green tea with lemon or coffee, as these drinks have caffeine, they just will not give you sleep at the workplace. Of the above products you can choose the ones you like the best. But the main thing is not to eat fried, fatty, smoked foods. By the way, to the day to consume the required amount of fat, you should consider those products in which they are contained, for example: fish, nuts, avocado. They eat better in the morning, to a day received fat time to be absorbed.

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