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Named a possible symptoms of renal disease

Названы возможные симптомы патологии почек The doctors pointed to subtle signs of kidney disease.

According to statistics, almost all of kidney disease are asymptomatic and only in the acute form manifested the characteristic symptoms. Therefore, physicians are once again called all the possible signs of renal pathologies that should not just alert the person, and become the reason for going to the doctor and undergo medical examinations.

Who are at risk of kidney disease?

This files most often diagnosed renal disease in people with overweight, diabetes, hypertension, after infectious and respiratory diseases, as well as the elderly.

Doctors say that because of the hidden, in most cases, symptoms of kidney failure patients waste their time and make it to the disease before needing dialysis, when artificially detoxify your blood and thus restores water and electrolyte balance.

These symptoms may indicate kidney disease:

– reduced vision;

– lower back pain;

– febrile condition;

– abdominal pain;

high blood pressure that is not reduced even after taking antihypertensive drugs;

– pain when urinating;

– pale skin.

How to prevent renal failure?

Doctors are advised to monitor their weight and avoid obesity. Also, it is important to reduce the consumption of salt and salty foods to the norm, as most people consume several times more of this product, which then suffer from disorders in the kidneys.

It is very important not to take medicines without a doctor’s prescription, especially of painkillers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pills. The main part of these drugs leads to impaired renal function and, consequently, the development of pathologies.

The appearance of the above symptoms should consult a doctor immediately so as not to lose precious time and to detect kidney failure at an early stage.

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