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Named a new way to catch the robbers

Назван новый способ поимки грабителейWhile their work is at an early stage.

Microbiologists have found a way to catch an intruder traced a unique fingerprint of bacteria, which the thief leaves the scene. According to The Independent, about this possibility, the scientists said at the conference of the American society for Microbiology (ASM) in Atlanta.

“Microbial signature” that is deciphered by a group of microbiologists and forensic experts that may become a new tool in the Arsenal of law enforcement agencies, like fingerprints or DNA.

The Independent notes that the human body produces about 36 million microbial cells per hour, these invisible emissions can create a trail to the criminal.

Microbiologists have carried out some research, checked the phones, shoes and proved that personal microorganisms of man be in the things he enjoys. The researchers then looked at several houses, after analyzing the “microbial signature” in them.

In the end, they were able to identify individual markers of each person who visited these houses and create a profile unique “microbial signatures”. Using these data, the specialists were able to identify people who were part of the home, with 70% accuracy.

The scientists noted that while their work is at an early stage. Now they have to figure out how long the microorganisms burglar can stay in the scene.

In 2014, scientists from the University of Chicago studied “microbial signature” of a few families, and found that moving an individual “signature” of the family quickly — about three hours — apply for a new residential area, suppressing old microorganisms.

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