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Named a little-known symptom of heart problems

Назван малоизвестный признак проблем с сердцемPeople who have a high sensitivity to noise, it makes sense to check the heart.

To such conclusion based on the results of the experiment came physicians from Sweden. The researchers note: noise is harmful to the health of the heart muscle.

In the pilot project took the voluntary participation of 110 people, men and women. The participants of the project on the instructions of scientists, constantly carried a portable instrument to assess cardiac rhythm.

According to the results of the experiments, the doctors concluded that background noise with a negative effect on the condition of the heart. The authors stated that the presence of a noisy environment reduces the ability of the myocardium to adapt to the situation – vary the rhythm in response to the impact of any factors.

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That the heart loses the ability to “switch”, is a major risk factor for heart attack, experts said. This is compounded by the quality of the individual intolerance of noise, especially susceptible to external noise, it is necessary to treat the health of the heart more closely, they said.

Interestingly, the scientists clarify: the heart can be affected even with a small noise. “We estimated the noise level that surrounded the participants in the experiment. It turned out that the heart rhythm is accelerated already at the noise level of 65 decibels, which corresponds to the big conversation”, – said the doctors.

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