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Naked woman won

“Beauty will save the world!” one of the most famous quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. However, who would have thought that beauty, but rather a naked girl really can save the world. Well, not the world and the country.

I think many have already seen the post stating that the American model Kaylen ward raised a million dollars to help fight the Australian fires, selling your photos, from $ 10 and above.

Fans of pictures for a couple of bucks proved to be very much money collected for almost four days, and the model became famous all over the world. Now given that success, its “naked” working on the website OnlyFans seems quite plain. Pushing yourself, the body and Australia. Smart girl!

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Many have engaged in charity work in Australia a critical point: the philanthropists, millionaires and stars. Among them was six-year-old and boy from USA, who sent hand made clay koalas to those who donated $ 50.

First, Owen’s family Collie did the Koala out of clay for family and friends, then the figures began to learn more and more people. Now the GoFundMe campaign for the sale of koalas brought together about 250 thousand Australian dollars.

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As you can see, people gravitate more towards Nudes and willing to pay for it much more than simple toys. That’s what rules the world – intimate pictures of supermodels, and your clay toys nobody wants. The world is ruled by beautiful women, not cute kids.

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