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Naked woman giving a huge tube in the center of Kiev

Голая женщина устроила огромную пробку в центре Киева

On St. Helena Teligi Nude woman lay just among the tracks, resulting in long traffic jams.

The corresponding video was filmed and posted on Facebook, the operator of TSN, Volodymyr Ostapenko.

The unknown chose a spot just opposite the Church of St. Cyril, which, by the way, are located the Kiev psychiatric hospital. Pavlova.

Will reported that the first woman was just lying on the road, and when traffic slowed, she chose from the traffic the white car and tried to open the door. Having failed, the woman did not give up and climbed onto the roof of the car.

The driver of the car called the police. Later on the scene arrived medics.

As explained to journalists the very culprit of the incident, thus it “looking for love”.

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