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Naila Askar-zadeh. The last fight with the opposition

Наиля Аскар-заде. Последний бой с оппозицией

The recent unbridled campaign against the presenter Naila Asker-zade showed all the rotten nature of the liberal opposition – that it is your mug of protest.


The Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny has released a film about the luxurious life of a TV presenter of the state channel “Russia-1” Naila Asker-zade. Bulk directly tied to the wealth of leading — expensive real estate, yachts and aircraft with its close relationship with the President of state Bank VTB Andrei Kostin.


Throwing mud at a woman for what a man loves her and makes Hey gifts, nonsense for normal people but not for Bulk.


Mr. Bulk, what jealous? So you want to make gifts, so find uhazhera!


Yes, Andrey Kostin, President of VTB Bank. Yes, it does Give a gorgeous gift – yachts, ships, airplanes, etc.


But all the gifts of his salary, Yes he is big, would be less gave the flowers. What?


Andrey Kostin in contrast to the Bulk did not steal money, does not have three prior convictions.

Whom he has yet to make gifts as not favorite people?


As for Naila Asker-zade. A small town girl, received an excellent education.

He graduated with a gold medal of the French school in Volgograd. I entered to economic faculty of the Volgograd state University. The second education received at MGIMO in 2017-2019 years at the master’s program “International Finance”.

Dad engineer, mom a nurse.

Definitely a talented journalist. With this boyfriend, and wealth, would be fun to burn money for pleasure. But it works!


Наиля Аскар-заде. Последний бой с оппозицией


Who has seen her programs, interviews or when not to say that Taffy she received was not deserved. With the steamer or without it, but what with the head and creative mind that’s for sure.


Her stories are one of the most popular and interesting, this is not Ms. Vasilyeva, Serdyukov that the millions spent on diamonds, and manicures.


In 2019 Naila, enrolled in the MGIMO graduate, specialty “Economics”.


Where did the Bulk go to the US Embassy, that’s education.


Analyzing the investigation, the publication of the Bell comes to the conclusion that the Bulk of published data to conclude that the owners of aircraft and yachts, as well as about who paid for the travel journalist, it is impossible.


If Mr. Navalny and these people think that we are Russians – a bunch of idiots, they belong in jail, not in the political arena.


And the leaders of the opposition think so. It is people who do not tolerate any other views except the West. This is the new Nazis, or at least the extremists, but not political opponents. The opposition leaders are so worthless that none of them can compare to Naila Asker-zade. Nor on education, nor the experience, nor the intellect. It’s spiders in the Bank, which, in turn, will eat themselves.


Russia needs construction, the creation, and not destruction. These people can only destroy, to wreak havoc and unrest. To be honest, I’m surprised by the loyalty of the authorities to such people.


Valery Rozanov, doctor of psychology

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