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Naftogaz is ready to stop the transit of gas – KOBOLEV

Нафтогаз готов к остановке транзита газа, - КоболевTo be safe from the possible termination of transit need to pump three billion cubic meters of gas.

“To make it through this winter, we need to pump in “subway” three billion cubic meters of gas more than the amount we usually lay there (about 20 billion cubic meters). Then we say, “the Russians again threaten provocation, but Ukraine is provided with gas”, – said Kobolyev.

In the presence of a sufficient amount of gas in storage in Ukraine and the decision of Europe to buy U.S. liquefied gas abrupt cessation of transit through Ukraine may not give Russia the desired effect, and harm the reputation of Gazprom, said the head of the NAC.

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“That is, pumping an additional three billion, we would buy the insurance… if we have this insurance will not, and we hope that at some point the Russians would just sign a new contract, we will be very difficult,” – said KOBOLEV.

He also said that Naftogaz is working on several advanced options, but details were not disclosed, citing confidentiality.

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KOBOLEV also said that Gazprom has already started to officially inform the country about the termination of transit through Ukraine from the beginning of 2020.

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