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Nadia Dorofeeva told the country about their complexes

Надя Дорофеева рассказала стране о своих комплексахPopular singer and coach of the show “the Voice.Diti” complained that he could not gain weight.

The soloist of group “Time and Glass” is one of the few Ukrainian artists which want to be like teenagers. Her appearances are noteworthy, after all every image interesting and fashionable.

“When I have lyrical mood, I wear feminine dresses. There were even times, when every day I wore a beautiful delicate dress,” said the actress in an interview.

But most of all, Nadia can be seen in comfortable loose clothing in which is not seen her figure.

“I have things that I am unhappy in my figure. For example, I always thought I was too skinny, and I always try a little bit to recover, but due to schedule I do not get it. So I mostly wear oversized clothes. I think that’s just it,” admitted Dorofeeva.

However, Nadia and so looks great. Her fans always admire her slim body and stylish images on social media and at concerts. And our photos are proof.

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