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Nadia Dorofeeva shared personal grief

Надя Дорофеева поделилась личным горемThe soloist of group “Time and Glass” was shared with fans the sad news and poured out his soul.

Nadia Dorofeeva rarely confessed with your followers on social networks, but this time she could not resist.

Laying out the black-and-white photos from the family archive, which she sealed with the father, signed with these words:

“As much as I tried to be strong, as if trying not to be distracted and go to work – there comes a time when I’m left alone, in silence… this Usually happens before bedtime. I still probably do not believe and am not aware of. I still think that this is a bad dream. And here’s what you’ll send me another article about the health or a collage of my photos under some funny old song. PA, I miss you… I’m so grateful to you for everything… It’s you I drove every morning to school and took them home. You worked with me from morning till night arrangements and search for songs. You’re the one who went all the vocal competitions. And there’s so much more to mention. inside the wound and it’s fresh, but my music and family treated me. Thank you. I never wrote about my feelings so… But acutely aware of the need to exhale a little bit and say how much dad did for me. Be closer to their loved ones. Give love.”.

Followers of Hope decided that her father died, so the comments are littered with condolences.

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Надя Дорофеева поделилась личным горем

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