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“N.” Stephen king goes on TV under a different name

Company Gaumont Television has confirmed that it is developing a series based on the short story from the collection “just After sunset” the great and terrible Stephen king. In the original, the piece is called “N.” (N.)but for adaptation will be renamed to “8”.

Synopsis of the original:

The main character is a psychiatrist to whom the patient comes in with a fairly typical psychosis: he constantly recalculates all around and rearranges things, trying to bring in peace in harmony. Otherwise, the thin line of reality will break and the world can come and otherworldly forces. Gradually, the psychiatrist learns that the patient N. it all started with a field and a circle of ancient stones…

The pilot for “eight” takes none other than David F. Sandberg, who we recently praised for “the Curse of Annabelle: the Origin of evil.” Working on the script , Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari, who previously worked on the horror film “the lair of the beast”, as well as on upcoming kinokamera “ant-Man and Wasp”. All three are also the producers of the show. In addition, the production function will take a Lotta Losten (actress, collaborating with Sandberg since the period of the shorts), and Erwin Stoff, and his company 3 Arts Entertainment (“the devil’s Advocate”, “the Matrix,” “I am legend”).

Previously, the story “N.” has already received a kind of adaptation, even before the publication of on paper. It was a 25-episode TV series, each episode of which lasted only fifteen minutes and was a video comic, drawn by artist Alex Maleev. Later, the publisher Marvel has released N. in the form of a mini-series.

I must say, the story, the source I really like. Close this topic. The symptoms described there mental disorders you may notice many, but what if it’s more than just obsessive thoughts?

We will wait for further news about the project.

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