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Myths about weight loss, preventing to lose weight

Мифы о похудении, мешающие сбросить лишний весThey need to forget.

So important for women topic weight loss and diet, has accumulated a huge amount of rumors, speculation and incorrect judgments. Let’s try to debunk some of them.

Overweight occurs if you eat too much

This judgment is not entirely true. In addition to an improper diet those extra pounds or cellulite reflects the unhealthy lifestyle or the beginning of a disease.

The harder to sustain the diet, so it is more efficient

Nutritionists believe that the effectiveness of any diet is determined by the possibility of a large number of people using it to get a positive result: to lose weight or improve health.

Moderate food – sufficient measure for weight control

Moderate food is not a panacea for weight gain. Weight loss moderate food does not occur if the proportion of fat exceeds 50% or if it is an unhealthy lifestyle.

Dinner harmful

A variation on this erroneous Maxim is also such judgement: if you do not eat at night, then weight is not required. Nutritionists believe that dinner is an essential part of nutrition, but the people who are going to lose weight, you need to carefully monitor products for evening meals: they must be fat free or contain a small amount of fat.

To lose weight, you need to use drugs for weight loss

Nutritionists claim that all current drugs for weight loss are ineffective by themselves and effective only in conjunction with a diet or another method of weight loss.

Slimming incompatible with eating their fill

This is not true: it is true diets are able to keep losing weight a feeling of complete satisfaction with food and stave off cravings.

I also lose weight on a diet that has already helped girlfriend

Diet need to pick up strictly individually, taking into account all the features of the body and your lifestyle. In this case, you need to consult not with a friend, and a dietician.

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