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Myths about the flu, which can lead to terrible complications

Мифы о гриппе, которые могут привести к грозным осложнениям Became known the true facts about the flu, who to this day are so distorted by society that have turned into myths.

During the epidemic of influenza, one should be very careful about their health. You should think about the future health status of the surrounding, as there are people who think that once they get sick, nothing bad will happen if the virus infected someone else. Actually, I think the vast majority of modern society and the reasons for it from enough people, for example: do not go to the hospital from work, no one with whom to leave the child and nowhere to go himself to recover away from loved ones, and so on.

The doctors decided to tell people the truth about the flu, not everyone knows the myths that each patient had the opportunity to prevent the development of possible complications:

1. Hypothermia — the way to flu. This myth is half true. The fact is that the flu virus is only transmitted by droplets and hypothermia has no security any way. But in reality, if a person will regularly be supercooled, for example, to wear light outerwear or to wear a hat, then his immune system will have to work twice more and, consequently, to weaken. As a result, people with a weak immune system is much more likely to catch the flu virus than others.

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2. Immunostimulants are the best means of prevention against the flu. As if there was not any pharmaceutical drug is a drug and consists of chemical compounds. Even if using them and can strengthen the immune system, at the same time to get the digestive problems and liver, since the human body is configured to receive natural products. And society has long been convinced that none of the immune-boosting drugs is not able to protect against the flu.

3. Folk recipes treatment of influenza better than any pills. In the case of a banal cold, perhaps this statement would be the place to be. But when it comes to the flu virus, there will be few folk remedies, such as honey, garlic, teas of chamomile and rose hips. Doctors recommend to use the recipes of traditional medicine, as an aid in medication.

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4. Treat the flu is optional. So I think only those who are negligent to their health and life in General. The flu virus spreads quickly in the blood and causes damage to all organs and cells, hence the aching joints and bones, headaches and so on. Do not treat the flu — it is dangerous, it can even lead to death. In medicine known cases where people were under medical supervision and receive appropriate medications to fight the virus and still they could not save because the flu was stronger. So to be treated must!

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