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Mystical “Sound” with Christopher Lloyd and rose McGowan (TRAILER)

Ghosts in the dark tunnels of the metro. The writer, wishing to debunk creepy urban legends. Nothing particularly original, but when talking about the film with such actors as rose McGowan and Christopher Lloyd, inevitably want to see it.

So, star girl series “Charmed” together with the great doctor brown from “Back to the future” played a leading role in the supernatural horror “the Sound” (The Sound):

Kelly is a writer and professional skeptic. As a specialist in acoustics, it uses devices that capture low frequency sound waves to again and again to destroy the myths about the paranormal in his online blog. And here’s a new case: one of the metro stations as if haunted by a Ghost. Kelly immediately goes there and learns a story about a suicide that occurred here 40 years ago and for reasons that are unclear. The investigation leads the woman into the depths of the abandoned stations, where her skepticism is destined to pass through a brutal test of strength. In the darkness of the subway, she is confronted by something very evil. Now Kelly will have to face with their own memories of the ghosts to find the truth and to find his way back to the light.

The character of Lloyd in the synopsis does not mention, but I hope that as a result, it is still significant. Here and on the poster he is, and in the trailer, too. Although this is not an indicator.

This film formerly known as an actress, screenwriter and producer Jenna Mattison debuts as a Director. The script is also her handiwork. Well, let’s see. The trailer promises nothing new, but the cast, you know, is curiosity.

“Sound” being made and found a distributor who was the company Samuel Goldwyn Films. The theatrical release is scheduled for September 29.

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