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Mystery of the special Russian way

Раскрыта тайна особого российского пути

The government is doing to its citizens turned into superhumans. If only the top is not clicked on the “red button”.

At the forum “Open innovations” SKOLKOVO special representative of the President inadvertently gave a terrible state secret. Slip, not to be his spy. It turns out that obscurantist prohibitions in recent years — is not a diagnosis of the state of the overbearing minds, as many of us think, and sophisticated special plan for the prosperity of Russia. Plan “on the contrary”, because our country is “a special way” at all times. And the present is no exception.

Dmitry Peskov — one that supervises the digital and technological development, told the forum participants that a lock Telegram was just a gift for Patriotic minds. “We have never in Russia so quickly developed technologies of filtration and bypass filters, as in the case of Telegram, — I quote it to the media. In this sense this story lock we have grown a lot of interesting decisions, startups and research. This is maybe a little unusual, but it surely in this story there is”.

What a deep insight into Russian character. We are all folk tales have grown and know exactly what to make our Ivanov off the furnace and start something startet impossible — though only under duress. In General, the logic is clear: the worse the country in the present, the better for its future. The harder our people now, the more seasoned and competitive they will meet tomorrow.

If you look around from the heights of this logic of decisions in recent years, they do not look quite so cannibalistic.

Well, for example, one could, of course, not to raise the retirement age — because the money in the Treasury is more than enough, about 7% of GDP accumulated reserves. But how else to get 60-year-old to monitor their health, if not under the threat of starvation? Yes, the weak can spoil prescribed by the presidential decrees mortality, but survivors will be ready for any test. Including to a new increase in the retirement age, and predicted the world economic crisis. And so would have gone soft at the neck of the state is useless ballast, obleness early pension.

Or here today in social networks sad about the $20 billion debt that the President sweeping gesture forgiven to African countries. As another gesture, a little less wide, approved new contracts for $14 billion from these same defaulters — say, it is necessary to improve the quality of life in Africa. The decision seems illogical: on the money, as already estimated by experts, a whole year living in the Russian health care. And the quality of life in Russia today is slightly above the African.

But look at it from the point of view of the “special path.” How else to educate our people sincere, not ostentatious internationalism? How else to demonstrate to the world the selflessness and greatness of the Russian soul? It’s one thing to share with those who suffer excess, and quite another to give the latter. Of course, we were not asked if we want this latter to give. But let’s face it: if asked, what would we say? That’s just it — the power just helps us become more humane, to literally force fosters humanism.

Many note how actively develop in Russia, private charitable and volunteer projects on all fronts, from helping sick children to support the detainees and convicts, including posts and shares. However, if the government didn’t smother NGOs, has not imposed the laws by which even look in the direction of representative government is considered to be resistance, we would never know how much to do yourself without state aid. Thank you for this knowledge.

One of my friend told me how she personally grateful to the country where for many years the gold price of oil had not learned to make good wheelchairs. Who faced, he knows those that will provide free state, it is impossible to go — they’re heavy, the balance is structured properly. Even in a barrier free environment for persons on a wheelchair will not be able to do without assistance, himself to call the Elevator, to sit in the car.

Worked as a volunteer girl, after watching the suffering of the wheelchair, decided to develop the normal machines — lightweight, maneuverable, from modern composite materials. Now her stroller in great demand, although they are more expensive than “state”. But disabled people are not rich enough to buy useless things, so business is booming.

Tomorrow will forbid to teach in schools in English — the day after tomorrow will speak better English.

Close the border — invent teleportation.

Cut off from the world of the Internet — built in private garages satellites, which, unlike Rogozinski, will fly where necessary, and re-establish a connection to the world.

Forbidden to breathe, generate a lot of “interesting solutions, start-UPS and research”, to quote optimist of digitalization Dmitry Peskov.

Unless, of course, fascinated by the removal of Russian superhumans the government will not press a nuclear button. But in this case, do not despair — after all, “we will go to heaven and they will die”.

Great plan, cap.

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