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Mystery of the origin of love on Earth

Раскрыта тайна зарождения любви на ЗемлеThe study showed that love gave rise to instincts.

Scientists found out when there was love on Earth. Experts conducted a study, which found that this feeling started when primates males defended the female and young from aggression by other males.

Instincts and feelings transformed into what people began to call love.

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During the study, the researchers watched the dolphins and monkeys because these animals are mentally similar to the person. According to scientists, thanks to the desire of the male to protect the children became closer partners in the process of evolution.

In the experiment, it was discovered that the male desire to protect children and the feeling now is called love, originate in the same part of the brain. He is active at the moment when a person is in love and when he feels parental instinct.

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