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Mystery of the mysterious failure in Antarctica

Раскрыта тайна загадочного провала в АнтарктидеPreviously no one could explain the nature of this mysterious phenomenon.

In the Eastern part of Antarctica, scientists were able to examine a huge icy crater.

Whose diameter is 2 km. If you previously belief that a giant basin formed in the glacier from the fall of the meteorite, now scientists can confidently reject this version.

Noticed the crater for the first time in 1989 when the aircraft were patrolling the region.The appearance of the crater occurred under the influence of the underground lake. Last year the team from the Netherlands analyzed the long shots decided to check the data that is associated with depression.

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Experts in one voice declare that all contribute to the increase of the crater, in particular the fact that the glacier is melting. The shallow depth showed that there are water streams, rapidly flowing into the lake. It all entail unfavorable consequences. Just a few years and the object of study could become a real threat for life scientists, a research station, which is only 400 km from there.

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