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Mystery of the chest of the Third Reich, found in Russia

Раскрыта тайна сундука Третьего рейха, найденного в РоссииDiscovered the origin of the skulls from the chest “Ahnenerbe”.

Head of the laboratory of mammals of the Moscow Paleontological Institute of RAS Alexander Agadzhanyan told, whose skull was discovered in the trunk with the emblem of the Third Reich “Ahnenerbe” found in Adygea.

“It is clearly seen that the skeletal remains “from the chest in the Adygea Republic” owned by large bovids, members of the squad panoply. They still resemble fragments of skulls of Buffalo, which are common in farms in the North Caucasus and Azerbaijan,” says Aghajanyan.

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He also noted that this material may present some interest from an archaeological point of view. However, for accurate diagnosis you need to show it to specialists in anatomy, zoologists and paleontologists.

On the finding, made in Adygea, it was reported on 5 December.

Chairman of the regional branch of the Russian geographical society Igor Ogai told that the investigator showed him “two interesting skulls” and the chest with the emblem of the Ahnenerbe. Ahnenerbe — German society for the study of ancient German history and heritage of their ancestors — the organization that existed in Germany in the years 1935-1945. The main company’s activity was focused around the archaeological, historical and occult monuments.

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